Taxi App for drivers
Application migration
Application Migration
Taxi App for Drivers is part of complex microservice-based system which includes customer iOS App, web-based call-center and website.


  • Design a new app that allows drivers manage their businesses from the app.
  • Give drivers more control over their money.
Taxi 135 is one of the largest taxi service provider in the Belarus. Founded in 2002 as a “Dispatching office of united taxi service “SPAS”. Currently this is dispatching office of united service of taxi “Stolitsa 135” and “Prestizh”.

Process & and problem solving

We've started from drivers' interviews to get insights from the users who will actually work with the App. We had several live sessions & rides around the city to get feedback about existing App, understand users needs & workflows.

The deeper we dived into the process the better we understood that make an interface for that App is not a piece of cake. Taking into consideration that drivers can receive and interact with orders while driving we had to think over each tiny detail of the interface.
We've created first mock-ups in sketch using material design components. That gave us opportunity to create interactive high-fidelity prototypes in a few days & test our interface in real time.
Apart from ability to receive and execute rides drivers wanted to get information about their orders & earnings. We've created a separate interface where driver can see all the information about their rides & money.
Also driver can check all incomes & write-offs inside the App and deposit money on their account with the built-in payment module.
Step by step we've moved to the first final version.
Apart from main goals of the project our aim was to start App testing & get data for analysis as soon as possible because we had a strict deadlines.

On very first meeting with our client we agreed that we will have flex scope & fixed deadline.

To meet that agreement we used Scrum methodology.So as soon as we had MVP ready we started testing on most loyal users.
Step by step we've moved to the first final version.
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