MS Dynamics CRM to Salesforce Migration for Global University Systems (GUS)
Application migration
Application Migration

Business challenge

Global University Systems depended on the 2011 edition of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to oversee the wide-ranging network of educational organizations, staff, and students. This software suite included various business applications for sales, customer, and resource management, as well as multiple custom configurations with third-party systems and services.Dynamics CRM, now rebranded as Microsoft.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, is an excellent solution for customer relationship and sales process management. However, its outdated and no longer supported version dating back to 2011 became a major bottleneck in our client's operations, preventing GUS from expanding its network and delivering superior learning experiences.
Specifically, our customer expressed concerns about:
  • A lack of mobile access and a user-friendly interface
  • Deteriorating CRM performance
  • An increasing complexity of the system driven by complex integrations and custom fields used for data entry
  • Limited analytics and reporting capabilities
  • The system's incompatibility with emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence
To overcome these challenges, Global University Systems reached out to RichBrains to migrate the obsolete CRM solution to a modern and more efficient technology stack.
Global University Systems (GUS) is a network of higher education institutions, affiliates, and partners offering undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and vocational training programs to over 60,000 students.

While physically operating in six countries, GUS boasts a strong online presence and is focused on providing a globally recognized education that equips students for the challenges of the digital economy.


Having analyzed the customer's needs, the RichBrains team recommended migrating to Salesforce, a modern CRM solution that supports a wide range of business processes. The CRM system also met our client's requirements for system integration and AI adoption.

With more than twenty Salesforce migration projects under our belt, RichBrains understood the unique challenges associated with switching from a legacy CRM solution to a more advanced technology stack. The team was well aware of possible obstacles during data migration, a process that involves mapping fields between the two systems, cleaning up the data, and ensuring that no data is lost in transit.

To address these challenges, we suggested using a reliable extract, transform, load (ETL) package driven by hand-picked technology tools, through requirements analysis, and our vast expertise in application integration and migration.

Impressed with the proposed implementation approach, the client gave RichBrains the green light, and the migration process began.


From a technological standpoint, the migration from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Salesforce involved seven essential steps:
  • Gaining access to the customer's existing database structure
  • Performing R&D activities to test the feasibility of the suggested migration strategy
  • Developing the business logic for the migration project
  • Mapping and transferring custom fields and data related to the client's sales and marketing activities
  • The system's migrating data from Dynamics CRM to Salesforce incompatibility with emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence
  • Cleaning and erasing duplicate data
  • Reconfiguring the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations in Salesforce
While implementing our custom migration approach, the RichBrains team successfully navigated the following technology challenges:
Data mapping. The RichBrains team manually reviewed the picklists and data fields in Dynamic CRM and mapped them accordingly in Salesforce. Similarly, we examined user roles and hierarchies in both the source and destination CRM systems and created custom data mappings to guarantee a seamless, error-free migration. RIchBrains also inspected workflows and processes in the Microsoft CRM and set up corresponding workflows in Salesforce while implementing numerous improvements for leaner processes. Additionally, we mirrored the custom reports and notes functionality in the new CRM system, migrated marketing campaigns with the associated assets and members, and performed telephony integrations.
Data deduplication, validation, and security. Thanks to effective data migration planning, the RichBrains team expertly handled duplicate records and configured the system to automatically spot and correct such instances. We took the necessary steps to ensure that the data was migrated in the correct format, populated the right fields, and was consistent across the related records. RichBrains also prioritized data security, implementing robust technology tools and following data migration best practices to protect information in transit and at rest.
Business continuity. One of our customer's key requirements was to avoid the CRM system downtime during the migration process. To achieve this goal, we made sure to migrate historical data first and configure automated data migration pipelines to gradually add new information to the system without disrupting business processes.
System testing. As part of our unique approach, RichBrains implemented an effective automated testing strategy encompassing the development of test cases and scenarios and configuring reliable continuous testing mechanisms in the Salesforce cloud.
By entrusting the CRM migration task to RichBrains, Global University Systems achieved several milestones, including:
Higher customer satisfaction and retention rates
Better-informed decision-making driven by advanced data analytics and custom reporting tools, which were implemented in line with data democratization best practices
Increased sales and profit margins and reduced operational expenses
Top-notch system and data security
Improved CRM system uptime and overall performance
In summary, the CRM migration project carried out by RichBrains has brought about improved efficiency, security, and profitability for Global University Systems. Our tailored approach and commitment to excellence ensure that our clients not only meet but exceed their organizational objectives. If you are thinking about migrating or integrating software solutions, you can trust RichBrains to handle your project, no matter how complex the system and data integrations are.
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