Customer application for taxi booking

Taxi App is a part of complex microservice-based project designed to improve customer's experience in b2c transportation.

The Company

Taxi 135 is one of the largest taxi service provider in the Belarus. Founded in 2002 as a “Dispatching office of united taxi service “SPAS”. Currently this is dispatching office of united service of taxi “Stolitsa 135” and “Prestizh”.


  • Rethink and improve UX and UI design. Main challenge — click one button, get a ride.
  • Increase number of App users & reduce share of orders made via call-center.
  • Get feedback from customers about their experience.


We've started with research, to understand our strong suits and dive deeper into the user & business pain points. To sum up & discuss our ideas with our stakeholders we've created business model canvas and storyboards to define business strategy & high-level user requirements.


After we finalized project vision & scope our team moved to sketching & visualizing phase.

Wireframes & low-fidelity prototypes

We started with defining user problems & needs. We've used Intercom framework Jobs-to-be-Done and created job-stories to better understand our users.


Along with writing job-stories we've created wireframes with workflows in Pixate to understand better user path across the app.


First we've made a research to gather information about competitors. Taxi services associate with yellow & black colors and chequered pattern.


We wanted to use other color palette and make our app look light, technological and minimalistic. On the other hand we wanted our customer feel safe and confident so after a long work we decided to stop on combination of blue, white and yellow colors.


After we agreed on color scheme we moved forward to designing screens for main user path.


As we are ready with main screens we jump to secondary screens, polish details, preparing UI-kit. All the mockups were uploaded to Zeplin to make our team-work easier.

As we are ready with main screens we jump to secondary screens, polish details, preparing UI-kit. All the screens we upload to Zeplin to make our team work easier.

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