We are global Startup Product Partners


We strive to build products for startups and be a part of their success story

We have worked with European and North-American startups as well as with startup subdivisions of mature businesses. We know how to deliver results in a way a startup needs to.

Focus on what’s really

In a perfect world startup founders deal with strategy, marketing and sales. In reality, they often have to deal with plenty of other things from coding to QA and project management. Manage the product instead of managing its development! Leave the development part to RichBrains.

Save your money,
cut expenses

Pure economy. A remote team doesn’t need the utilities an inhouse team would use. It needs no infrastructure investments. With RichBrains you would pay 2-3 times less for a comparable domestic full-cycle PHP team in EU or USA. The numbers and testimonials we get speak for themselves. Take a try and see how it’s making sense.

What We Do

Build an MVP and grab the market ahead of your competitors

We know how to do initial business analysis to define the requirements scope and priorities for an MVP. With a dedicated team, we provide clients not only with fast and sharp MVP development but also with further support as the product evolves.

UI/UX revision and improvement of web and mobile applications

Have your product’s architecture reviewed and optimized by RichBrains engineers. Get UX analysis to see where your user interaction can be upgraded. Improve the look and feel of your product with the expertise of our mature UX-team.

Complete Product Engineering

Comprehensive product engineering services to build, improve and scale product that truly cover entire product life cycle.

Technology Migration / Re-engineering

Helping startups to re-engineer and optimise products by assessing existing application, pain areas, and future business goals.

Startup/Product Advisory

Offer value-added technology & business consultation to the startups to reduce the risks and increase the chances of success.

How We Do It

We’re result-oriented company. Once you come to us, we deeply immerse in your task/problem to find appropriate solution. Our approach allows to deliver quickly, optimize costs and meet your expectations.

  • Discovery and Planning
  • Investigation
  • Data-driven design
  • Development
  • Launch
  • It’s all about collaboration!

    Our goal is to develop a common understanding of the problem you're setting out to solve. We work with you to help develop a business strategy for identifying your customer and value proposition, and to set goals that determine your success.

    • Market Research

      Gain comprehensive understanding of the market landscape, your product’s potential for success, and what will make it successful.

    • Scheduling & Budgeting

      Identify a project schedule and budget that fits your needs and goals.

  • Time to put our brains to work.

    Knowledge is the foundation of a successful strategy. It’s important to survey the market, identify competitors, and research how others have succeeded or failed in the marketplace.

    • User Personas

      We create reliable and realistic representations of your key audience segments to understand your users.

    • Architecture

      Conceptual model, structure and behavior of a system in order to build a visual representation of your product.

    • Competitive Analysis

      We help you gain a comprehensive understanding of competing organizations, products, and technology differentiators.

    Data-driven design
  • Assumptions are not the same as knowledge.

    It's important to understand what users really want. Rather than invest too much money and resources into assumptions, we hypothesize with prototypes, validate with user testing and research, and iterate until we’ve designed a successful solution.

    • Wireframing

      We create a comprehensive interface schematics that outline purpose, flow and provide a skeletal design of your product.

    • User Onboarding

      We help you create an experience that will increase the likelihood of new user adoption.

    • Interface Design

      We develop creative interfaces based on research, wireframes, and strategy.

    • Responsive Design

      We create interfaces that adjust to the device; desktops, mobile, tablets, & beyond.

    • Prototypes

      We create interfaces that adjust to the device; desktops, mobile, tablets, & beyond.

  • Straddling Worlds

    Engineering isn’t just about making it work; it’s a craft that extends beyond the product and into the business. We build smart, scalable and test-driven products.

    • Front-end Development

      Customer facing website development and optimization using (but not limited to): Rails, APIs, and system integrations.

    • Back-end Development

      Full-stack web development using (but not limited to): Rails, APIs, and system integrations.

    • Performance

      Application tuning, caching, background processing, and refactoring to enhance the speed and performance of an application.

    • Mobile

      Mobile optimized products, designed for touch interactions across various devices and screen sizes.

    • DevOps

      Deploying, managing, and scaling applications.

  • Ship It!

    Your final product is developed from what has been designed; with careful attention given to making it scalable, fully tested, and integrated with all of your business operations.

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