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RichBrains is a custom software engineering company with an Agile mindset, deep domain expertise in EdTech, and Amazon and Salesforce partnerships under our belt. We'll guide your project from inception to a full-fledged tech solution.
Key services
SaaS Software Development
As a leading technology company, we have a wealth of experience in developing software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Many of our clients have already launched successful minimum viable product (MVP) versions of their SaaS solutions and continue to enhance their products, growing their customer base and revenue.
RichBrains is not your average SaaS software development company. We strive to become an integral part of your founder's team, working side by side to turn your vision into a reality.
Here’s how we approach SaaS software development projects
Idea validation
Together with your company’s stakeholders, our business analysts will identify a market opportunity for the SaaS solution, define its scope, validate the idea through market research, and create a business plan.
Requirements analysis
The RichBrains team will collaborate with your organization to narrow down functional and non-functional requirements for the SaaS product, elicit the SaaS product’s features, and prioritize them.
We will create interactive prototypes to give you a tangible preview of your product's potential and gather feedback to refine the requirements.
Architecture design
Drawing on our profound knowledge of back-end software engineering and cloud computing, we create resilient microservices-based SaaS product architectures that scale flexibly along with your business.
Iterative development
We take the Agile approach to SaaS software development, implementing high-priority product features first and testing the new functionality immediately. This allows us to deliver tangible results from day one and adapt the product to your evolving business needs. Besides, iterative development helps you go to market faster.
Our software engineering company is well-versed in cloud computing and DevOps. This knowledge allows us to configure continuous integration and delivery processes, test newly deployed features on the fly, and maximize the product’s uptime.
Maintenance and scaling
Once your SaaS product is launched, our software engineering services company will help you release new application features and promptly address any technical issues that may impact the software's performance.
RichBrains can also re-engineer and optimize existing SaaS products. To that end, we’ll assess your app, identify performance bottlenecks and areas for improvement, and align our software engineering strategy with your business objectives.
Web & Mobile Application Development
Drive innovation, iterate relentlessly, and accelerate the delivery of transformative value.
Our software engineering company creates web and mobile applications that move businesses forward. We develop high-performing apps running seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices, as well as web and mobile browsers.
When embarking on a web or mobile application development project, the RichBrains team puts your business requirements first — and builds from there. That's why our mobile and web solutions can easily handle increasing workloads, interface with internal and external systems, and provide a top-notch user experience.
Microservices architecture
In the era of cloud-first application development, RichBrains aims to create software solutions composed of standalone, loosely coupled microservices. Communicating through APIs, such services are responsible for a particular app feature or business function. They can be configured, updated, or disabled independently, which leads to improved software availability and scalability. Our custom software engineering company also uses robust service discovery, containerization, orchestration, and load-balancing tools to better manage microservices-based applications.
  • Mobile Development: React Native, Redux, Expo
  • Web Development: Node.js, PHP, Symfony, React.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, Redis, RabbitMQ, EMQx, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Webpack
  • Cloud & DevOps: AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform
  • Testing Tools: Testmo, Selenium, Detox
Application Migration & Integration
RichBrains will help you move data, workloads, and applications to the cloud, unlocking unlimited on-demand computing resources and reducing infrastructure costs. Also, we can integrate your software solutions with any type of IT systems and services.
For this, we utilize a flexible extract, transform, load (ETL) package developed by the RichBrains team. The tailored integration solution uses a combination of open-source and proprietary technologies, successfully addressing all application migration and integration needs a digital-first enterprise might have.
Our software engineering company will thoroughly analyze your project requirements, develop a migration plan, and perform data mapping. Next, we'll write custom integrators to put our ETL solution to work. With our solution, you can achieve complex integration or migration within a matter of weeks.
The pillars of our application migration and integration services
We will host your software solution on your account in the cloud, implement user-based access control, and ensure compliance with data privacy standards that are specific to your industry. This will be done without granting access to your corporate data to a third party.
Rapid delivery
Our software engineering company is inherently Agile, meaning we prioritize shorter release cycles, continuous testing, automation, and software component reusability. This allows us to complete migration and integration projects faster.
Cost efficiency
Our one-of-a-kind ETL approach is designed to be cost-effective. Notably more budget-friendly than enterprise-grade workflow and data integration platforms, it maintains an equivalent level of efficiency.
Zero downtime
When we provide application integration and migration services, our process starts with transferring your historical data. We then match it with system parameters and establish reliable pipelines to ensure a continuous flow of data. Needless to say, we architect software with scalability in mind, so your apps will perform well even under increased workloads.
Data consistency
At RichBrains, we prioritize accurate data mapping and re-formatting for every application migration and integration project. So, you can rest assured that the data you see in the app is accurate and up-to-date. And if you require assistance with real-time data processing, our ETL solution will not let you down!
Essential scenarios to fast-track your digitaliSation
MIGRATE legacy applications and the entire IT infrastructure to AWS
Whether your software is hosted on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, we'll help you safely move it to AWS while optimizing system performance and infrastructure costs.
REPLACE your LEGACY CRM solution with Salesforce
We've cut our teeth on migrating client data and processes from legacy CRM solutions to Salesforce, enabling end-to-end automation and aligning sales and marketing teams
StreamlINE the flow of data between multiple applications
Our reliable ETL approach enables us to effortlessly connect data sources and destinations, whether it is one-way or bidirectional. We will also take into account your specific business requirements to ensure that the data in the new app is easily accessible and understandable.
  • Amazon AppFlow
  • Amazon SQS
  • Kafka
  • Python
  • Kubernetes
Trusted Education Software Provider
RichBrains is committed to revolutionizing the education industry through the power of technology. Our software engineering company takes pride in being the trusted partner that educational institutions rely on to enhance their operations, improve student experiences, and achieve their academic missions.
Custom education software development
Whether you need to develop a custom learning management system (LMS), student portal, lecture capture and video streaming tools, attendance monitoring solution, massive open online course (MOOC) platform, or learning experience platform (LXP), we're only one email away!
End-to-end automation
We understand that the journey from a student's initial inquiry to their graduation involves numerous intricate steps. RichBrains has extensive experience in automating these processes, from enrollment to onboarding and course schedule construction, ensuring a smooth experience for both students and staff.
Business function integration
By breaking silos and ensuring continuous data flow between your organization's IT systems, we manage to align your student admission, course supervision, and sales management teams. Collaborate with RichBrains to optimize operations and transform the learning experience!
Legacy application migration
Port your IT systems to a modern, highly efficient technology stack with RichBrains. Whether you want to switch from Blackboard Learn LMS to Canvas LMS, create a proprietary solution, or migrate your apps to the cloud, we are here to assist you!
Salesforce implementation
To sync your custom or SaaS solutions with Salesforce, we'll examine your apps, evaluate integration requirements, and select the right APIs and protocols for seamless data exchange. Unlock the power of Salesforce to keep your business, marketing, and customer experience teams aligned!
Intelligent document processing
We tap into computer vision (CV) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to assist educational institutions in automating document-handling tasks. The innovative technologies improve process accuracy and provide insight from unstructured data stored in your IT systems.
By exploring rapid prototyping techniques and following Agile best practices, our software engineering company helps educational organizations assess the impact of the proposed digital strategy early on, make the necessary adjustments, and unlock value faster.
Recent cases
From fledgling startups to unicorn enterprises, we've been the driving force behind innovation for a diverse range of customers.
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