Huge online repository of study materials for schools with hundred thousands of files viewed online simultaneously by thousands of students worldwide.


Global e-learning provider company with a wide portfolio of professional qualifications, academic programmes, and executive education courses since 2008.


Create a platform to support wide range of devices maintaining high load and to give live visualization of business insides to partners that are using Library platform to build their course pages.


Developed from the very scratch Library is ready to scale with powerful AWS cloud infrastructure in its DNA.We store study materials on AWS S3. It provides secure fault tolerant storage with eleven nine`s of durability.

Study materials content is streamed using AWS Cloud Front. It is content delivery network with 39 locations in 5 different regions, providing best user experience and lowest latency as it is serving content from the closest locations to the end user.

Our web tier leverages elastic load balancer to auto scale the infrastructure depending on the load with minimum 2 and maximum 8 instances (t2.medium) spread across minimum 2 availability zones at a time. This guaranties us fault tolerance and low latency solution.

Database tier use two database AWS Redshift (2 nodes) for analytics purposes as a raw data warehouse and AWS RDS (Application tier) with data encryption at a rest and synchronous replication across two different availability zones for the fault tolerance.

Using AWS RDS restore two point in time allows us to have a RPO (Recovery Point Objective) as low as 5 seconds. Back-up retention period – 35 days.

For the monitoring purpose we use AWS Cloud Watch to automatically identify certain events as degradation in performance and in response to that scale the instance fleet automatically.

In case of an alarm we have a team receiving notification with the SLA of 14 hours to mitigate any issue with the systems.

Amazon Kinesis used for gathering analytics data and storing it in our data warehouse (AWS Redshift) for future analyzes. AWS Data pipeline generating daily analytic reports from raw data in AWS Redshift and save results in AWS RDS.

Platform lets partners to access and manage content based on their permissions, add it to their learning management system like Moodle or Canvas easily using secured links that will expire if embedded into unsupported platform or shared illegally.

Analytics module gives full picture of views and fails of loads for files and folders filtered per country, browser, file type visualized to get powerful business insights and even track single file performance to take precise action.


  • EC2
  • RDS
  • S3
  • Cloud Front
  • Elastic Transcoder
  • Kinesis
  • Redshift DB
  • Cloud Watch

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