Quecity is a startup project with an innovative idea of interactive travel quests for tourists and adventure seekers.


Quests are associated with fun and excitement, but the website looked old and gloomy.

Users needed constant Internet connection to perform tasks and get tips, because interaction was driven only through the website. Game engine was as much simplified as it could be: it looked like more an online questionnaire, than an interactive game.


We processed the information, chose a suitable graphic language and created an eye-catching multi language website with responsive design, where users can pay for a quest and get a link with instructions. Kunstmaan CMS with a “building block” concept was offered for managing website content.

Time of games came: we developed and designed gameplay with geolocation and time tracking engine. Users have the ability to postpone quest passing, save the results and start it any time in offline mode.

Throughout performing interactive tasks, the participants are supposed to discover local attractions, history and lifestyle in a convenient format.


  • PHP
  • Kunstmaan CMS
  • Symfony 2
  • MySQL
  • KnockoutJS

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