Leveraging AI, we provide superior solutions faster than traditional vendors.

AI is revolutionising the way we deliver software development services. At RichBrains, our entire process is empowered by AI. Our developers are supported by AI-driven tools for faster, more accurate coding, while our project managers gain real-time insights through AI analytics to streamline the development process.


We understand that modern businesses, regardless of size, can benefit greatly from AI. That's why we've developed an AI-powered approach that offers significant advantages to our customers. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:
Quickler time to market
Assured quality
Enhanced security
Reduce project overheads by up to 30%
Daria Botyanovskaya
Chief Product Manager at RichBrains
Our Product Management team has employed Artificial Intelligence to boost our performance and give more value to our clients.
By automating 20-30% of repetitive tasks, we’ve redirected our focus to strategic decision-making and streamlined our processes, including instant access to project insights through our AI-powered chat-bot.
Our support system has become more efficient, with a 30% time reduction in issue resolution, thanks to AI’s ability to detect and suggest fixes for common problems. Moreover, AI-driven analytics is transforming our decision-making, enabling us to predict project timelines and budgets with unprecedented accuracy.
Embracing AI is not just about staying ahead — it’s about providing superior products tailored to our customers’ success.
Andrei Zaleski
Head of Engineering at RichBrains
Our AI-first strategy at RichBrains turbocharges our work, making processes like code reviews and debugging lightning-fast.
It eases the onboarding of complex new codebases, ensuring seamless integration. AI also steps up by auto-generating documentation and unit tests, ramping up our efficiency and quality.
Security is paramount, and our AI is on guard, identifying and fixing vulnerabilities to keep our projects safe. This innovative approach allows our team to concentrate on creating outstanding software quickly, transforming challenges into triumphs. With AI, we're not just advancing; we're leading, delivering top-tier software solutions with unmatched speed and security.
Alex Eronin
Art Director at RichBrains
Our AI-first approach has revolutionised how we create, allowing our team to focus more on innovation than on mundane tasks.
AI streamlines our design process, from managing assets to refining prototypes, and even analysing heatmaps to ensure our visuals not only capture attention but engage effectively.
This technology automates the tedious, like tagging and layout generation, freeing us to push creative boundaries. With AI, we quickly turn concepts into compelling prototypes, test their impact with heatmaps, and refine our work based on real insights. It's not just about making our workflow faster; it's about making our creative output more impactful. At RichBrains, AI empowers us to explore new frontiers of creativity, ensuring every project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.
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Short lead time

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Your project kicks off within 2 weeks, allowing you to see progress quickly thanks to our streamlined initiation process.
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Agile approach

Experience a development process that quickly adapts to changes, ensuring your feedback shapes the project to meet your goals.
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Risk-free partner

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Evaluate our developement services with flexibility and complete transparency without long-term commitment.


Web Application Development

Deploy comprehensive application development services for web, mobile, and cloud platforms, tailored for both enterprises and SMBs. We are experienced at delivering custom applications from the ground up or enhancing existing solutions.
Launch web, cross-platform, SaaS, and cloud native applications simultaneously across web, mobile, and tablet platforms, significantly enhancing your operational efficiency and market responsiveness.
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Create a unique eLearning ecosystem, including LMS, student portals, video streaming tools, attendance solutions, and LXPs. Supercharge your company with end-to-end automation for the entire student lifecycle, from inquiry to graduation
Enhance every step of the educational journey with our development and integration services, from student inquiry to graduation.
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Applications Integration

We offer integration services for your web, mobile, or cloud applications with the rest of your ecosystem or third-party tools and applications. We prioritise secure connections, smooth data exchanges, consistent data management, and robust fault tolerance to ensure your systems remain reliable.
We implement monitoring systems to keep you informed, helping you manage your operations effectively and respond swiftly to any issues.
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LMS Implementation

Seamlessly integrate an LMS into your existing digital environment. Our LMS integration services ensure that your LMS works perfectly with your current tools, whether they are HR software tools, scheduling systems, or content repositories.
Migrate to a new LMS with minimal disruption. We ensure a seamless transition, maintaining the integrity of your data and minimising downtime, so you can enjoy the enhanced features of your new learning platform without the headaches.
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Project Discovery

We start by gathering requirements to fully grasp your needs, then create interactive prototypes for a real-time visualisation of the final product. This streamlined approach lays a solid foundation for the successful development of your project.
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Salesforce Migration & Integration

Navigate your transition to Salesforce effortlessly with our migration service. Our expertise in integrating Salesforce with various systems and applications guarantees a unified, efficient operation, enriching your customer management strategies and decision-making processes.
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Artificial Intelligence

Transform your operations with our artificial intelligence services, leveraging the latest in AI to open new paths to efficiency and opportunity. From predictive analytics to smart automation, let AI drive your business into the future.
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Expect a tailored proposal designed to address your specific needs. Whether it's improving existing systems or building from scratch, count on us to be your reliable partner on the journey to success.
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