LMS implementation for educational institutions, and businesses that want to promote internal eLearning processes.

Full range of services for LMS set-up, integration, migration, and custom LMS development, tailored for both educational institutions and businesses of any size. Whether you're in the education sector aiming to modernise your virtual learning environment or a dynamic business seeking to optimise employee training, our expertise ensures a smooth and efficient transition.

Over 50 institutions and colleges worldwide trust us.

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Streamline. Modernise. Enhance.

A 360-degree coverage of the learning process, adapting to your specific needs and empowering you throughout every part of the journey.

Course creation and management

Create, organise, and manage courses effortlessly.

Content management

Share diverse content types – documents, presentations, videos, audio files, and more.

Online learning delivery

Conduct classes or training sessions online.

Assessment and grading

Automate tests and assignment grading with valuable feedback.

Progress tracking and reporting

Generate insightful reports to assess individual or group performance.

Communication and collaboration

Foster collaboration through internal discussion forums, messaging, and chat functionalities.

Customisation and personalisation

Tailor your institutional branding and set personalised learning paths based on individual learner needs.

Certification and compliance management

Rank and manage certifications, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Integration with other applications

Automate processes and data exchange.

Analytics and insights

Make data-driven decisions to guide improvements.
RichBrains integrates open-source LMS with your existing applications, ensuring a smooth transition without disruptions. Canvas LMS is used by thousands of educational organisations globally as a flexible and cost efficient solution — there are no licensing fees associated with acquiring the software.
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Migrating from a legacy LMS to a Canvas LMS presents an opportunity to embrace a more user-friendly, feature-rich, adaptable, and community-supported platform that aligns better with the evolving needs of modern education.
RichBrains helps in migrating your data, workloads, and applications, enabling a swift transition in a matter of weeks.
RichBrains has a wealth of experience in developing complex custom solutions and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.
Our teams will undertake a full-cycle development from scratch and create a system featuring a customised, intuitive user interface and functionality. Our primary focus remains on meeting security standards, guaranteeing the complete safety and protection of both corporate and personal data.
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We will host your LMS on your account in the cloud, implementing user-based access control, and ensuring compliance with data privacy standards that are specific to your industry. This will be done without granting access to your corporate data to a third party.
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Rapid delivery

Our software development company is inherently agile, meaning we prioritise shorter release cycles, continuous testing, automation, and software component reusability. This allows us to complete migration and integration projects faster.
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When we provide LMS integration and migration services, our process starts with transferring your historical data. We then match it with system parameters and establish reliable pipelines to ensure a continuous flow of data. Needless to say, we architect software with scalability in mind, so your apps will perform well even under increased workloads.
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Zero interruption commitment

At RichBrains, we prioritise accurate data mapping and re-formatting for every Learning Management System migration and integration project. So, you can rest assured that the data you see in the app is accurate and up-to-date.
AI-powered approach
AI is revolutionising the way we deliver software development services. Our entire process is empowered by AI. Our developers are supported by AI-driven tools for faster, more accurate coding, while our project managers gain real-time insights through AI analytics to streamline the development process.

AI-powered approach offers significant advantages to our customers. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect.
Faster time to value
Assured quality
Enhanced security
Reduce project overheads by up to 30%

Agile Delivery Framework

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Opportunity Identification
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Solution Definition
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Prototype Testing
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Scale & Operate
Our extensive experience, combined with strategic partnerships with AWS and Salesforce, ensures consistent and predictable quality for your projects.
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Denis Elvis Omara
CIO, Aston Group, United Kingdom
RichBrains has been an exceptional partner in developing necessary systems for the business. Expertise, costs, and customer service.

Over almost 8 years, RichBrains has been an exceptional partner in helping us achieve our digital goals. Their team possesses a high level of expertise, provides great customer service, and proactively meets our requirements and targets.
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Aston Group
Proprietary solution development for a construction services company. Full digitalisation from a mobile app for engineers to streamlined contracts management processes.
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Short lead time

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Your project kicks off within 2 weeks, allowing you to see progress quickly thanks to our streamlined initiation process.
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Agile approach

Experience a development process that quickly adapts to changes, ensuring your feedback shapes the project to meet your goals.
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Risk-free partner

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Evaluate our developement services with flexibility and complete transparency without long-term commitment.

Contact us for a non-commitment discovery call to unlock your project's potential.

Our team is committed to actively contributing to your project's success. We'll delve deep into your challenges and opportunities, offering our expertise every step of the way.
Expect a tailored proposal designed to address your specific needs. Whether it's improving existing systems or building from scratch, count on us to be your reliable partner on the journey to success.
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