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Enhancing Security: MFA login with FIDO keys and Document signing

RichBrains integrated MFA authentication into the existing student portals. This solution allowed students to login using either email, SMS, or a hardware security key that supported the FIDO-U2F specification. By offering multiple authentication methods, Canadian College of Technology and Business ensured that students could choose the option that best suited their preferences and needs


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Trebas Institute is a bilingual, for-profit private Canadian post-secondary college specializing in music, film, business, technology, and management programs. The Institute recognized an urgent need to fortify the security of their student portals in response to the increasing frequency of cyber attacks targeting student information.

Business Challenge

Trebas Institute recognized the need to enhance the security of their student portals. They decided to implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of protection to student logins. The business decision was driven by the desire to ensure the safety and privacy of student data, as well as to comply with strict data protection regulations. There was also a growing demand for a more efficient process for handling and signing critical documents, such as contracts and enrollment forms, which were traditionally managed through cumbersome, paper-based methods.

Solutions Implemented

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with FIDO Keys
  • Vendor: RichBrains
  • Implementation: Integration of MFA into the existing student portals, providing options for students to log in using email, SMS, or hardware security keys supporting the FIDO-U2F specification. This variety offered flexibility for students to choose their preferred authentication method, ensuring both user convenience and enhanced security.
  • Security Impact: The introduction of FIDO-U2F hardware keys added a critical layer of security, requiring physical possession of the key for access, thereby significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized account access.
Digital Document Signing
  • Vendor: RichBrains
  • Implementation: RichBrains developed a digital signing feature within the existing student management system. This feature allowed for the creation, publication, and electronic signing of documents directly through the student portal. A unique sign-in canvas enabled students to generate their signatures directly on the platform, which were then automatically integrated into the documents.
  • Operational Impact: This solution eliminated the need for manual, paper-based processes, enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and ensuring the authenticity and integrity of signed documents.


The introduction of MFA and digital document signing has markedly improved the security posture and operational efficiency of Trebas Institute. The MFA implementation has been particularly effective in preventing unauthorized access, while the digital signing feature has streamlined administrative processes, allowing Trebas to handle documentation in a more secure and efficient manner.
The successful deployment of these technologies at Trebas Institute underscores the importance of adapting advanced security measures and digital solutions in educational institutions.
This approach not only safeguards sensitive information but also aligns with modern technological advancements, enhancing overall institutional efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards.

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